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Token-based gamified trading platform

A decentralized community based platform designed specifically to help traders learn and find the best Crypto Investments in real-time.

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What is Cryptotraders?

A platform that provides traders the ability to analyze their trading habits with statistics. We then rank their skills based on:

1. trade history or

2. the movement of coins that the user mentions within the platform.

Based on these statistics, we can then give a user rankings/ratings to provide other traders that are looking for guidance a number to refer to for credibility. Traders that provide good input are then rewarded through our rewards engine by other traders. (after 10K users, we will begin deducting a small amount of coin from users within the platform to keep the incentivized data ecosystem alive). Not only will proper traders be paid by our rewards engine for their essential input using our fairness algorithm. They will also be able to receive tips for their alerts via one click of a button from satisfied traders that profited off of the call/information. Our top ten ranked members will gain access to sell screen share mentor-ships and access to private video archives. On top of all of this CryptoTraders puts the most advanced charting and script mechanisms available in the hands of virtually anyone.

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Cryptotraders features

Fairly governed by mathematics

Using smart contracts through the Ethereum Blockchain, our platform is 100% automated and fair. Instead of being governed by central entity, it will be governed by mathematics!

Automated token economy

Users will be able to interact with each within the platform using our tokens! Being able to give and receive tokens will be a huge benefit to the community experience!

Advanced rewards engine

Our regularly upgraded rewards engine is programmed to fairly and efficiently distribute all types of token rewards to contributing users regularly.

Monetary gaming features

From Binary Options to New Concepts created by us for trading, you can now compete with your friends to determine who the more accurate market analyst is!

Decentralized education system

New topics are created by users in order to understand the market. Knowledgeable users then contribute what they know and receive tokens for useful responses.

Never miss a play

Never miss a play

With the number of custom features we’ve created, it will be impossible to miss the next big play. Our system will grant incentives to users for alerting and discussing moves in the market.


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

  • Whitepaper and one pager unveiled. Marketing begins.
  • Whitelist sign up
  • Cryptotraders present at Harvard University
  • Block2TheFuture
  • Cryptotraders panels at CryptoBlockCon
  • Token sale begins
  • Cryptotraders speaks at Washington D.C. to the BRICS, IMF, and World Bank
  • Cryptotraders speaks at Blockchain Health
  • Beta released to whitelist members
  • Feedback compilation
  • Cryptotraders speaks at Blockchain East
  • Final product
  • Mainstream marketing begins
  • Mine marketplace and pool added in
  • CT Exchange platform added in


Exchange support is being worked on


As conference dates are confirmed we will add them.


CryptoTraders is built for the community. Our ICO is designed to provide equal opportunity to all investors regardless of account size. The community should decide the value of the token built for it. But that’s not all, any unsold tokens will be equally divided by our investors based on investment size, truly allowing the community to decide what a platform built for it is worth!

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